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Faerie Song - Tracy R.Cardinet2004©Cal USA

Little maiden, all alone
Barely but a girl, half-grown
Dodging vines and elderberries
Makes her way to find the faeries
In the dark, afraid and crying
The faerie part of her was dying
Lantern low, her spirits too
What would they say? What would they do
Magic woods, with trees sublime
Up their staircase, she did climb
Heart in hand, gold tresses, curled
Slightest shoulders, wings unfurled
Holding her hem, going slow
Held the lamp, as it burned low
Grateful for some light to guide
Soon, on a branch, the lamp was tied
Leaning back and peering up
She spied a faerie with a cup
He motioned for her to ascend
She wondered, was he foe or friend
Finally, now near the top
A second faerie bade her, stop
Like a statue, but with breath
Held hers in, awaiting death
All at once, from out of nowhere
A lovely creature, who was so fair
With a smile so bright, so festive
Upon her head, a star crown rested
Startled by this lovely vision
Unable to make a decision
The little faerie followed all
Up thirteen steps, into a hall
In the center, stood a throne
The faerie queen, and she alone
Took her leave, then took her seat
Loyal subjects at her feet
In a voice so soothing, mild
Crowned faerie spoke: “Speak with me, Child.”
The little waif, wings not aflutter
Could not speak, could only mutter
The faerie queen then smiled and said
“Perhaps you’d like to sing, instead.”
Looking up through lashes lush
The little faerie’s cheeks did blush
Queen, nodding her encouragement
Girl, losing all discouragement
Her golden curls began to dance
Her green-blue eyes slipped into trance
Into the soft, dark folds of night
One voice sang out, and all went quiet
From little lungs, like hummingbirds’
Flowed melody — rich, without words
Only those akin to faeries
They, who feast on elderberries
Only those folk of the wood
Heard the notes and understood
The little faerie stood there singing
Suddenly, her wings were winging
High above the trees she rose
Her eyelids shut, yielding repose
Unaware of heights she’d flown
Music, from her heart, was sown
When she’d sung the last note out
With open lids, she looked about
Down she floated, like a feather
Landing in some faerie heather
Those around her stood and cheered
At her side, the Queen appeared
“Such a lovely song, my Dear,”
Said Faerie Queen, drying a tear
“I suppose, by now, you’ve guessed,
You are not like all the rest.”
She didn’t know just how she knew
She only knew the words were true
Wings aflutter, aground she stood
A faerie princess of the wood
After that, and evermore
‘Til faeries became mere folklore
That little fay, so lost, so tragic
Delighted in sweet song and magic
If you are quiet and very good
While walking through a faerie wood
You might see a faerie winging
Or maybe hear a faerie singing
Even if you never hear
A faerie singing in your ear
I promise you, the sound is sweet
Ask me again, I will repeat
©2004 t.r. cardinet

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