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Mermaid’s Dream - Tracy R.Cardinet2010©Cal USA

Suspended in sea’s silken slumber
Great Poseidon at the helm
She dreams of romance, magic, wonder
A mermaid’s secret realm
Seashells, starfish, anemones
All actors in her play
She hasn’t any enemies
In sleep, she whiles away
He seeks her out, the captain
So handsome, strong and kind
Above her, it all happens
At least, there, in her mind
She dreams the dream of having limbs
As in fairytale of yore
From the depths, she walks to him
Bound to the sea no more
Then time and space, the gods erase
Two lovers, now, together
Cling to the other’s sweet embrace
Their love goes on forever
Until, that is, the moon does wane
It dims the veil between them
Desperately, but all in vain
Her legs give way, and then
So gently, he does carry her
Back to her ocean home
Never can he marry her
The truth of this sad poem
Never free to love another
Never free to marry
Always, they will love each other
In both their hearts they’ll carry
The headiness and burden of
Love’s contradictive state
He navigates, by stars above
From dreams, she’ll never wake
Just as the sea is to the shore
Their kinship always bittersweet
The lasting ache of evermore
She repositions, in her sleep
” Mermaid’s Dream ”  .  04-30-10  .  t.r. cardinet ©

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