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Merlin’s Revenge - Tracy R.Cardinet2006©Cal USA

In crystal cave of isolation
Heartbeat thundering in his ears
Pendragon loathe to incantation
A debt exacted, in arrears
Deft in magick, Morgan Le Fey
Did trap poor Merlin, there to keep
Oh ‘twas a fated, dreadful day
She cast that spell of ice-cold sleep
Wizard waiting, ‘neath winter’s white
Frozen, seemingly undisturbed
Then when spring came, he saw the light
Quick and clever, beyond perturbed
He mustered all his strength, his will
Within that crystal cave of keeping
He caused the light to bend, until
Thawed at last, his cloak was sweeping
From out of wicked shadows born
He sought the one who’d captured him
At court she spied him, most forlorn
Desperate, she enraptured him
Merlin, blind to all her charms
He’d n’er again, by her, be swayed
Fearful he’d beget her harm
She backed away, into the blade
Arthur, stunned by wicked ruse
N’er knew just what occurred that day
Excalibur did run clean through
The wretched witch, Morgan Le Fey
” Merlin’s Revenge ”  .  10-06-06  .  t.r. cardinet

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