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Animal Poems - John Bliven Morin2010©Hawaii USA

Mood of Africa © Myrea Pettit

Fairiesworld loved Johns Camels poem and told him so, all animals are a part and share our earthly world close to the fairies. We are delighted to print his reply and add to his collection on our site

I’m glad you liked the Camels verse, but I’m surprised you’ve included it on the site – not exactly a faery poem!
Just for your amusement, here are a few more animal poems


A Rarity

Behold the three-toed sloth above,
Slow on his leafy road,
But I think I’ll never see, my love,
The elusive three-slothed toad!


An Ape

An ape has got no worries
An ape has got no taxes
He thrives on fruits and berries
And in a tree relaxes.

An ape has got no mortgage
That on its house forcloses
An ape has got no corkage
To pay for reddened noses.

An ape has got no money
To gamble off on horses;
An ape has got no honey
To precipitate divorces.

An ape climbs down the wood, all
Excited to the brim,
And gets to have Jane Goodall
Play banana games with him.

If I could leave humanity
And all my human worries
I think an ape is what I’d be
And live on fruits and berries!

Copyright (C) 2005, John Bliven Morin


Oh cactus-eating
little finches,
never meeting
thorns by inches;
Takes a lot of skill
and practice
to eat your fill
of prickly cactus!

Copyright (C) 2006, John Bliven Morin

Cow Haiku

Cow on ground
Cow ground on


The Gnu

Behold the gnu (or wildebeest)
Its land is partched, it has no feast;
Its numbers shrink. Some newsman might
Announce one day “No gnus tonight!”


The Grasshopper & the Doodle-Bug

A grasshopper and a doodle-bug
Once argued on a Persian rug
“Who’s more important, you or I?”
When suddenly, from the sunlit sky
Flew Red Robin who, unmalicious,
Said both were equally delicious.

Copyright (C) 2004, John Bliven Morin

Hot Love

A butterfly did flutter by
A moth at the break of day,
Who sat upon an old gray stone
And wept his heart away.

“What’s wrong, what’s wrong? Your woeful song
Is an irritating wail.”
“My love is dead; I saw her die.”
And the moth began his tale.

“To break her troth for another moth
Then him to beat, I might,
But yestereve she fell in love
With a 60 watt porch light.”

Copyright (C) 2004, John Bliven Morin

The Frog

Froggy, with those goggly eyes,
Can’t make no funny jokes;
Just lives each day a-catchin’ flies,
Until one day it croaks.

Copyright (C) 2004 by Blithian

Parody of “The Lamb” by William Blake

Little lamb, who made thee?
Dost thou know who made thee?
She slyly grinned and pressed my side,
This not-so-innocent lamb replied,
“Originally…or ladely?”


The Peccary

In Brazil’s forests, shrinking fast,
Persists the peccary to the last.
But unlike man, it’s not gregarious;
It’s life grows ever more peccarious!

Copyright (C) 2000, 2005, John Bliven Morin

The Pigeon

Some ancient pigeon back in Rome,
Found a statue and made it home;
A popular fowl, it often dated,
Thrived and boldly proliferated;
That’s why our statues of today
Look and smell that frightful way!

Copyright (C) 2004, John Bliven Morin

The Self-Important Flea

There once was a very bold flea
Who said “no one is bigger than me.”
The ego he carries
Would dwarf great Antares,
But his body would fit in a pea!



Moggie wants a mousie
And mousie wants the cheddar
The cheddar wants a cracker
For a crackered cheddar’s beddar.


Word of Warning

Connecting dots
On ocelots
Is harder than expected;
As while you write,
They claw and bite,
Before they’re all connected!

Copyright (C) 2004, John Bliven Morin

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