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The Bird and the Fairy - John Bliven Morin2013©Hawaii USA

Between the scarlet poppies
and the lowly ivy flowers
an angry crested tit, incensed,
was arguing for hours
with a strong-willed poppy fairy
about a caterpillar
he wanted for his dinner;
one could hear the irate triller,
“Give me that tender morsel,
he’s ugly as they come;
why do you defend him,
are you stupid, are you dumb?”

“You can’t have him, hungry bird,
go find yourself some seeds;
they should suit you just as well
and meet your belly’s needs.
This creature may be ugly now,
but soon will touch the sky
in colors bright as flowers,
as a lovely butterfly!”

The Poppy Fairy2012©Myrea Pettit

The Poppy Fairy2012©Myrea Pettit

Copyright (C) 2013 by John Bliven Morin


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