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Berry in a meadow - Amy M. Flick©2009 Maysville Jones NC USA

There is a little fairy
and her little name is Berry
she loves to watch the world grow
loves the sun, rain, and even snow
she helps them live
her magic she’ll give
even when in bad health
she’ll give her meadow lots of wealth
her meadow’s name is mystery
she keeps it from history
she sleeps only when she can no longer stay awake
she tries her best to make no mistake
she gives life to trees, grass, flowers, and everything
and anywhere she can get on foot or wing.
all day and night she keeps her meadow
and even helps her river flow
she goes far and wide
and to her sister Tide
trades with others
and from their mothers
helps them too
and makes things all new!
all year she’ll shed no tear
she can not cry
not even try
because if she’s happy then the meadow is happy
and anyone that comes near can make no tear.
nature feels what we feel
so be happy or they will peel
Berry keeps her little meadow
and once a year she has a show
only the worthy can see this place
so believe and be happy
then she’ll show her face.

Amy M. Flick©2009 Maysville Jones NC USA

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