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Petrichor - Tracy R.Cardinet©2013 CAL USA

The smell of rain, the smell of rain

Through the open window pane

Through the front door, through the screen

The smell of rain a welcome thing


Its wondrous fragrance takes me there

To places where I used to dare

Walk in rain and puddle splash

In my youth, I had a blast


Thunder never did disturb

Though lightning did, my mom, perturb

And, oh the rainbows always came

After each, sweet, summer rain


How the buds in beds, entrenched

Drink the droplets, and are quenched

Paradise on earth, to feign

All because of summer rain


Every spring, each summer too

The smell of rain, it does imbue

Memories of days well-spent

The smell of rain is heaven-scent


The smell of rain, now, beckons me

Recapture youth – be reckless, free

Such a heady, perfumed stain

Upon the pavement, summer rain


The smell of rain, the smell of rain

I’m old, yet I rejoice again

I breathe it in, upon my skin

Sweet drops of youth, I’m born again


t.r. cardinet ©2013

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