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Me and You - Author : Tracy R.Cardinet©2013 CAL USA

Bring your teddy, little one

Come along, let’s have some fun

Hold the lantern way up high

We will show you, by-and-by


What it means to be a fairy

In the nighttime, it is very

Dark and lovely — stars, a’glowing

Fills your heart to overflowing


We, with lovely wings and things

Rejoice now, as a half moon sings

Lullabies for sleepy willows

For little ones, with heads on pillows


Ring around a rosy posy

Sit upon a toadstool, cozy

By the dim light, wings do glisten

Did you hear that — stop and listen


Hear it now – yes, that’s the song

Grab your pipe and play along

Oh, so you’ve no pipe, I see

Well, you just dance then, wild and free


Underneath a starlit sky

Watch us now, it’s time to fly

To the towers, past the gloaming

Higher, higher – now we’re roaming


Little one, with teddy, sweet

Your adventure, incomplete

I wish that you had wings and such

So you could sky dance, just like us


I will fix it – do come near

It’s ok, no need to fear

With my arms, I’ll hold you tight

So you may feel the thrill of flight


You and Teddy cling to me

A fairy trip, your destiny

Here we go . . . we’re soaring, soaring

Whoosh of wind . . . it’s roaring, roaring


Over rooftops, over bowers

Over trees and tallest flowers

Over here and over there

We’re flying, flying everywhere


What is this – is that you yawning

‘Tis hours ‘fore the sun is dawning

Ah, yes – I nearly did forget

You must be tired, you’re little yet


Teddy, too, looks kind of sleepy

All too soon, I think he will be

Happy to be back at home

In bed, within your arms, alone


I shall use some fairy dust

To help you get home, if I must

When you awake, we will be gone

We’ll be a dream you wished upon


Before my friends and I do fly

I kiss your cheek – goodbye, goodbye

A fairy kiss for Teddy too

Now close your eyes, forget you flew


Looking back on the wee child

The fairy and her friends all smiled

Then, with a sound like tinkling bells

They flew back to their fairy dells


Next morning, when the child awoke

She knew, before she even spoke

“Teddy Dear, we flew – we flew

We flew with fairies, me and you!”


“ Me and You “ . 10-17-13 . t.r. cardinet ©

Me and You

Me and You

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