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In Faerie Glade - John Bliven Morin © 2010 Hawaii USA



Sun sinks quickly –

Red-yellow fellow –

Twilight spreads shade

Like a blanket,

Dotted and mottled,

In Faerie Glade.


Faeries on butterflies

Utter cries, flutter by,

On summer breeze,

Among the blossoms, 

So easily, teasily,

Of apple trees.


Pixies on fireflies,

Dashing and flashing,

On summer air;

Like flickering stars,

Wee lights in flight,



Gnomes on frog-steeds,

Giddily on water-lillies,

Race here and yond;

Dashing and splashing

Madly, pad to pad,

Across the pond.


Moon goddess sends

Gentle beams, dreams,

While magick ones play;

Mortals sleep deeply, unaware, 

Night features creatures

Immortal and fey.


Elven horns sounding,

Blowing, night’s going;

All creatures bade,

Time to go home!

Hide where you abide,

In Faerie Glade!


Copyright (C) 2010 by John Bliven Morin

Fairy Charity © Myrea Pettit

Fairy Charity © Myrea Pettit

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