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Pink Fairy - Sade©2006

One day whilst walking though the woods in a fairy ring I stood, the fairies came and took me to dine and feast, it was breathtaking. They took me to their bower, with an ivy covered tower. I went inside and my oh my! A thousand fairies flittering by what a lovely sight to see. How beautiful fairies can really be.

There were fairies dancing, fairies sleeping,

Fairies smiling and fairies weeping.

I was down in the woods my mind pounding when I spotted a rose falling, I caught it and smelt it and it broke up and then I let the petals go, for love.
How far and wide the fairies fly on bright and golden wings, There were so many eyecatching things that you had to look twice in case you missed them, but if in your minds eye you catch one, always keep that memory safe because once such fairy fortune has come your way it will never go and when they settle down to sleep the soft song they start to sing is wonderful for the life we are in.

The joys of sleep of us we creep

we wish you all a good night sleep.

Never want their food or fire

Always get their hearts desire.

Jingle pockets full off gold

Marry when their seven years old.

Every fairy a child may keep two ponies and ten sheep.

They live on cherries they run wild

I would love to be a fairies child.

By Sade : Portsmouth Hants UK

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