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Trust - Tracy R.Cardinet©2015 CAL USA

Hair spun from a magic loom

Golden, like the sun, in June

Shimmers silver, ‘neath the moon

Oh, to hear her weave a tune


Eyes like pools of azure sky

Lips, pursed in a lullaby

Silken wings, to help her fly

Demeanor, delicate and shy


Gown of mist, there is no thread

Girdled ‘round her waist and head

Roses, of the deepest red

Rubies from a flower bed


Tiny pearls swirl ‘round her toes

Around her wrists, do you suppose

Oysters, from their beds, arose

To die for her, a sweet repose


She walks the length of lonely beach

As though her wings cannot beseech

To make her fly, the sky, to reach

It feels as if her heart’s been leeched


Oh, who has harmed you, Fairy, fair

With golden sunlight in your hair

What must I do to show I care

If I had wings, I’d fly us there


There, where ocean meets the sky

Where you could sing your lullaby

Then, perhaps, in by-and-by

You might trust to tell me why


Why your wings droop at your side

Why, through mid-air, you don’t glide

Why your eyes, from mine, you hide

What sadness in you does abide


Lovely fairy, near the sea

Of mortals all, you can trust me

I don’t judge or laugh, with glee

When others share their pain with me


” Trust ” . 2010 . t.r. cardinet ©

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