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Evermore - Tracy R.Cardinet©2015 CAL USA

Silken trails of light

Shine on forest floor

Moon’s glow is not bright

On path to Evermore


Harvest-plenty, there

Celebration grand

Flying through the air

Or walking hand-in-hand


All Hallows is nigh

When all will receive

Bright blessings, on high

On All Hallows Eve


Wee ones in masks

Exclaiming with glee

As grown-ups tend tasks

Beneath ancient tree


The fire is now lit

The feast may begin

Let everyone sit

Together again


With reverence and awe

Their heads, they do bow

They give thanks for all

The earth has endowed


Glasses, now tinkling

Voices, now merry

Bakers, now sprinkling

Sugar on berries


All is so festive

Beneath that old tree

Afterwards, restive

The kids want to flee


They run to each bower

They shout, “Trick or treat!”

Every good fairy

Gives sweet treats to eat


When the sun rises

When everyone’s spent

Through with surprises

All happy they went


They take to the path

Retracing their route

To home and to nap

Things to dream about


Until the next harvest

Until the next feast

Fairies, all star-kissed

To say the least


10-21-15  .  t.r. cardinet ©

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