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Fairy Tears - Tracy R.Cardinet©2016 CAL USA

Fairy tears seldom appear

Unless the moon is waning

For fairies, it is crystal-clear

And doesn’t need explaining


In the clutch of tiny hearts

Where beating is not heard

This is where they fall apart

So as not to seem absurd


Most fairies weep, in their sleep

Soft petals for their pillows

A secret that they try to keep

From folks and weeping willows


For fairies know that, in the glow

Of moonlight’s silver beams

That they must go – fly to and fro

To sweeten children’s dreams


If a child awoke and found

Their special fairy weeping

They might be, then, to sadness bound

Rejecting thoughts of sleeping


Fairies are most-always cheerful

For, that is just their way

Seldom is a fairy fearful

Or sad or on display


They are born of light and love

To rise above the clatter

They flutter near, just above

To help with what’s the matter


On rare days, when fairies can’t

Hide their tears from you

They let them fall, in the dark

Then reappear as dew


Thus, even in their saddest times

Good fairies strive to be

The source of joy and happy climes

For all the world to see


“ Fairy Tears “  .  05-10-16  .  t.r. cardinet ©

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