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Autumn Bliss - Tracy R.Cardinet©2016 CAL USA

Fairy motes, in shaft of light

Swirl and dance with all their might

Golden warmth holds them aloft

I watch the show, as I so oft


Backlit by the morning sun

A brand-new day has just begun

Beyond the sill, soft and serene

A glimpse of morning, to be seen


In the yard, I spy the cat

Mischievous, imagine that

Plumping down, to claim his stake

Atop a pile, so nicely raked


I open window, call to him

He stares at me, with kitty grin

Shaking head, I laugh, give up

Then pad to kitchen for a cup


As I scoop the coffee out

I sniff the contents, look about

For my favorite coffee mug

The one I love to sip and hug


It’s kept my cold hands warm, for years

It’s like an old friend, chipped — but cheers

Especially on mornings, crisp

On autumn mornings, just like this


With mug in hand and sweater on

I step outside to greet the dawn

As I breathe in the lovely fall

The cat decides to heed my call


Back inside the cozy house

I settle in – cat chases mouse

Comfortable . . . now, nice and slow

Enjoy my coffee, as leaves go


 10-01-16  .  t.r. cardinet ©

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