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Fairys Secret - Deborah Shepard©2008 Yelm USA

Strolling down the dreamscape beaches
Scalloped edges of soft shells seen dancing amidst waves
Endless waterfalls in whispers prelim beauty
One can only touch fairy’s secret

Seamless paths enlighten with angels song
With gentle auras soft sprinkle sensual journey
Lapis beaches in timeless kiss envelope my soul
lullabies shared in concertos guitars

All espied years shall bend in folded wisp
Lasting as each soul connects , the meeting kiss
His lips tender sweet apricots nectar
Life’s boundless joins each , wavers silhouetted spirits bond

Alluring tender eyes gaze at one another
Sighted single in fairy light
Lost forgotten , only if you believe
Porcelain love reclaimed, he will see

Deborah Shepard©2008 Yelm USA

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