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The faery who was kissed by the pixies - Mar Pilz 2009©Guatemala

Shh listen!
The water running between the stones
Shh.. .listen!
How the wind blows

Sit next to me
Here, down this old tree
Let him tell us stories
About heroes and their glories
About elves and pixies
About a fairy and her thousend kisses

In another world, not too far away
So beautiful, in a very pretty place
There lived a fairy, one of a kind
Her sadness and emptyness
Could stop the time

The king of the pixies saw her cry
Sitting on his throne, started to make up his mind
How could he help her, to make her shine?
What could he do to see her smile?

Let’s ask the gnomes – he said
go to the leprechauns- they replied
shoes!…a pretty pair of shoes- they said
let’s go to the elves he thought,
not being pleased by what he heard
A dress!!- they minded. Better if it’s blue

not being happy by their words
he traveled to other worlds
asking the nymphs, the trolls
and even the triton’s

One night of insomnia
A voice spoke to him
– ask your pixies, they’ll know what to do.
They’ve got thousand kisses and millions of dreams to give –
When the fairy woke up
Pixies were flying around
Without losing time
She was kissed by everyone

Being kissed a thousand times
Brought her back her smile
She was happy again
And soon started to shine..

Sit next to me
Let us listen to the stories
Of this wise old tree

Mar Pilz2009©Guatemala

Poem inspired by image of Brian Froud

Poetic Inspiration

Poetic Inspiration

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