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The Bee Fairy - Albert Gazeley©2004

It really isn’t that easy
To ride a Bumble Bee
It is difficult to keep your seat
Without falling off you see

They are like a buzzing bronco
And ever minute your in danger
They vibrate and wobble as they fly –
I hang on just like a Texas Ranger

Any other transport
Would be better I’m sure by far
If it were only practical
I would rather go by car

But cars can’t crossover gardens
Or weave in and out the flowers
I’d just get caught up in the traffic
And the journey would take hours

So I really have no option
But to risk a broken neck
I grip tight with clenched fists and knees
And pray I don’t hit the deck

It is not easy being a Bee Fairy
Any day I could end up dead
You can’t imagine just how great it feels
To get back home to bed

The Birds, the Bees and Me: For Boys

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