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Fallen Star - Janet Gillow©2010 Lancaster UK

A Fairy stepped outside her door,
what’s this lying on the floor?”
A closer look and my, oh, my,
a star had fallen from the sky!
It lay there twinkling, sparkling bright,
encircled by a ring of light.
“I’ll take it to the Fairy Queen,
a fallen Star I’ve never seen!”
The Fairy Queen both old and wise,
said “we must return it to the skies,
for by tonight it’s light will die,
but how to place it in the sky?
We need a Bird who’s not afraid,
to do whatever he is bade,
who’ll take it to the highest peak,
safely carried in his beak.
Brave Eagle is the Bird we need,
he’s the one to do the deed!”
The Eagle listened to the plan,
“I pledge to help you all I can!”
The Star had dimmed before their eyes,
as the great Bird flew into the skies.
With baited breath they watched below,
as the Star again began to glow!
When it raced into the darkening night,
it left an Arc of dazzling light,
and so it was…by break of dawn,
a Shooting Star had now been born!

Janet Gillow ©2010 Lancaster UK

Shooting Star

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