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Faye love poem - 2010©Deborah Shepard Yelm USA

I caught glimpse of my lover last night,
playing to em from the magical black moon,
He came to me in my dreams
I felt his tender kiss upon my neck,
and never will forget that magical night in his arms.
High above all sanity and storms of affirmed love
I called to him, he came
He who carried my soul ..our music  repertoire begins

Faye love, you came in to me haunting dreams last night
My softest green eyes to tease my soul
You take me dancing one candle my the other
We lay near breaths of Celtic moon, haunting
soft essence vanilla heather near by
The salty air instep hidden gems
The blackened  magical night, borrowed heighten love
Soft embrace as you held me close lithe folds your masculine arms
I felt us in another land
You tenderly  gazed in my eyes, I felt no lies
Lied in the heavens rolled through each sunset you carried me whilst dancing hand Cheek to the tango of lovers musical concertos
Alone as the edge of the moon lifted we moved slowly to it
It bowed and scooped, us in hits swirling crystal lights
Forever I could feel his heart trio to mine
All is quite, the night is aglow
Illuminate was ours
Timeless aglow’s
soft sprinkling across the sands of time we drifted in each others arms
Lanterns of the skies were the pathway as other dancers joined us
Light shining as we did one each petal of the flowering fairys plumes
The moons seemed to  envelope with desires
All precious I could feel his tender kiss, and smiles
Gleaming the moon parted and set each lover in canopy across the silvery stars, where we lay to bask in each others arms, loving reaching, clasp in time to find true love

2010©Deborah Shepard Yelm USA

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