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The Key Solution - 2007 ©Albert Gazeley

Deep down in the everglades
In a place humans mustn’t see
Hundreds of Goblins were assembling
To debate how to save the keys

They were even expecting Dobby
The elf of Harry Potter fame
And the fabled Rumpelstitskin
Who tried to hide his name

Global Warming was the topic
That the Fairy Conference would debate
The agenda was . . How to save the world
Before it is too late . .

Should they allow magic energy
To replace coal fired generators
A skeptical proposition . . but safer than
The Atomic Power instigators

We could have magic windmills . .
Said a Banshee from Belfast
But if we are not allowed to show ourselves
Then the magic power wouldn’t last

Then a garden gnome from Ecuador
Said lets turn people into stone . .
Then they couldn’t keep interfering
And habitats . . wouldn’t be danger prone

Now lets be realistic
Said a Troll from the far North Pole . .
Invisible sustainability
That has to be our goal

Then a Water Fairy from Landbeach
Suddenly jumped to her feet
Dear Friends, I know the answer
I think I have the problem beat

We’ll put a cloud of metal foil
Between the Earth and the Sun
Which can be automatically adjusted
Then the battle would be won
It can be a canopy of alloy dust
To be vacuumed up when not needed
All the Goblins began to nod their heads
And when they voted it succeeded

So the Landbeach Fairy was commended
For in truth she had saved the Earth
The solution was quite simple . .and . .
I concur for what it’s worth
. .
Albert Gazeley © February 2007

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