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Death of a Fairy

Death of a FairyTo help promote Myrea’s latest painting, ‘Death of a Fairy’ and to encourage people to donate to the Save the Children Fund, Fairies World has added a new page to the site all about Dead Fairies and Fairy Funerals.

We hope you like it.

One Response to “Death of a Fairy”

  1. Sharon Lindeman NY USA Says:

    Your Death of a fairy is so hauntingly beautiful….What a magnificent piece of work that captures the heartrendering condition of the fairy child that is dying of starvation. I did see much of this in India as well as losing quite a bit of weight, there, too, myself. I am already thin but there the bones just start to stick out like I was an Indian. There are heavy ones there, too, though, especially the wealthy ones. It is a land of contrasts. Oh, I also love your painting “The Messenger”. Both of your paintings are just exquisite and evocative. I feel your Death of a Fairy will be widely viewed and used and will reach a lot of people. I have looked at this from time to time in the summer when I would go to fairiesworld and http://www.poetseers.org to read poetry and see the beautiful fairy art work you have there. They became my home away from home.
    Sharon Lindeman NY USA

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