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Mermaids World

Posted: Sunday, April 10th, 2011

Mermaids & Mythology is the new sis*star publication to FAE Magazine (Faeries and Enchantment). It will be published 4 times a year and is a ‘real’ full sized, full colour glossy magazine, and will be 100% carbon neutral and printed on FSC paper (just like it’s sis*star FAE). The logo has been designed by Tamara Newman and the debut issue will feature the stunning artwork of David Delamare, and coverage of the World Mermaid Awards. Plus mermaid fashion, and stories of mythology and more…
They also have a facebook page set up so people can hear any announcements, or they can sign up to the newsletter on the website

Japanese Fairies visit UK

Posted: Saturday, May 30th, 2009

St-Michaels-Ley-line across England

st-michaels-ley-lineJuri Iida famous for her Oriental and mystical Fairies has just made a short visit to the United Kingdom to fulfil her artistic and creative desire and to begin to understand first hand the Celtic and Faerie folklore traditions that this country is steeped in.

Taking in Edinburgh, the Lake District for Beatrix Potter she then worked to and fro along St Michaels Ley line that stretches from Penzance across England to the East Coast.

It was in the beautiful village of Broadway in the Cotswolds, in the old hostlery now a famed hotel called the Lygon Arms that Juri met up with fairy artist Myrea Pettit and author David Riche. They were able to show her the historic rooms in the building where Oliver Cromwell stayed the night before the battle of Worcester 1651 and also the room that King Charles the first stayed. Its connection is with the English Civil War, for which the two main characters Oliver Cromwell and King Charles I it is most historically famous, such is the wonderment of centuries of English history for her to add to the stories of her travels.

Fairy sighting confirmed in Gibraltar

Posted: Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Persistent rumors that fairies were definitely seen in Gibraltar, were confirmed this month when the Gibraltar Magazine tracked down fairy artist Myrea Pettit and her husband David Riché to find out exactly what happened in the Alameda Botanical Gardens in July 2007.gibraltar-medieval-poster-red1

It seems the population of that little British colony needed clarification. It was in medieval times that Witches and Devils were banished from Gibraltar, and it was thought that the Fairies had gone too.

Needless to say they are delighted to welcome back the Fairy sighting highlighted in the April 2009 Gibraltar Magazine


Barack Obama and the Last Dodo

Posted: Sunday, April 5th, 2009

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Last Dodoİby Myrea Pettit

Reminiscent of the Last Dodo’s speech at his farewell Ball

Last Dodo's BallİMyrea Pettit

when he spoke to the assembled guests, inhabitants of the earth, promoting friendship among adversaries and predators alike that the destiny of the world is in their hands, and that without understanding among them they will all become as extinct and dead as the Dodo himself.

An electrifying speech in Prague today President Barack Obama of the USA spoke to all of the dangers facing the peoples of the world and his cause for nuclear disarmament and for peace among nations.

“Go where Ireland takes you”

Posted: Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

A three year Worldwide Advertising Campaign for Tourism Ireland started February 2009 for Dublin. Millions of visitors to the Magic of Northern and Southern Ireland will be enchanted by the amazing folklore and hospitality of this country will be touched with the magic of the Fairy’s footprints

I still have the mark on the end of my nose,
Footprints from the fairy`s toes,
I think they`re speckled,
But some say they`re freckled.
There was a fairy on my nose!

There was a fairy on my nose
by Joannda Riche

Gothic Art Now by Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Posted: Thursday, October 30th, 2008

With perfect timing of ghosts ghoulies and dark imagination I have just received the most wonderful Halloween book gift, from the author Jasmine Becket-Griffith a long time artist friend whom I have greatly admired from the start of her breathtaking career in Gothic Art. Not a book for the lighthearted but for anyone who appreciates Art in all its forms, this book is a triumph for Contemporary Artists that exposes every facet, with every continent and artistic medium represented it is an unique vision of the Gothic asthetic of dark disturbing appeal and a sure fire winner for artists that deserve mainstream recognition.

“Thank you Jasmine, keep dancing in the Dark! Congratulations”


Posted: Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

We always thought that Absinthe the banned green drink made famous by artists at the Moulin Rouge in Paris,which is now finding favor again worldwide was the tipple to see the Green Fairy. It seems however a new millennium fairy liquid is causing a stir of greater proportions ‘Slivovica’ a Wallachian plum brandy,
A court in the Czech city of Olomouc in a mountainous region in the south-east corner of Moravia is to deliver its verdict in one of the oddest legal disputes in the country’s history.

The court must decide whether Mr Polivka is the true “king” of the fairy-tale realm.

Lets hope the verdict is not blurred by the glasses we’ve just downed in a local pub in the mountainous region in the south-east corner of Moravia. Read the full story here

Death of a Fairy

Posted: Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

Death of a FairyTo help promote Myrea’s latest painting, ‘Death of a Fairy’ and to encourage people to donate to the Save the Children Fund, Fairies World has added a new page to the site all about Dead Fairies and Fairy Funerals.

We hope you like it.

Tinker Bell and friends attraction coming to Disney World

Posted: Thursday, September 25th, 2008

Move over, Cinderella, Snow White and Ariel: The Disney Fairies are on their way.

Preparing for the Oct. 28 release of a straight-to-DVD animated children’s movie about Tinker Bell, Walt Disney World is about to open a walk-through attraction in the Magic Kingdom based on, and featuring, that pixie and four other Disney Fairies characters.

The Disney Fairies are a new set of characters, developed for books, movies, Internet games and merchandise, that expand the role of the always-popular Tinker Bell. Four DVD movies are in the works. The theme park’s Pixie Hollow attraction opens Oct. 24 in Mickey’s Toontown Fair.

“This is a franchise that is soon to be like our princesses franchise,” declared Francois Leroux, a vice president of character programs with Walt Disney World Entertainment, who introduced the characters to the media on Wednesday in downtown Orlando.

For full story by Scott Powers, Orlando Sentinel Staff Writer – 25th September 2008

Pixie Hollow features Iridessa (from left), Rosetta, Tinker Bell, Silvermist and Fawn
Pixie Hollow features Iridessa (from left), Rosetta, Tinker Bell, Silvermist and Fawn. The Magic Kingdom’s newest attraction. The Disney Fairies are a new set of characters, developed for books, movies, Internet games and merchandise. (WALT DISNEY WORLD)
We Save The Fairy Children – Will You?

Posted: Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

Fairies World

“Every child is a Fairy deserving an enchanted childhood, my picture shocks even me, yet this is reality and is happening now in the 21st century. Please take a moment to take in such horror and allow your conscience to stop this happening. A regular donation to Save the Children will help to ease the pain and suffering of children, the fairies of our world.”

Myrea Pettit

The UN are meeting on 25 September 2008 to discuss the goals they set to tackle poverty. We want them to 'get on track' with their goal to cut child deaths by two-thirds by 2015. Progress on this goal has been slow – 10 million children still die every year, mostly from preventable causes. That's appalling.

We want you to join tens of thousands of people around the world who are demanding that the UN uses this meeting to 'get on track' to stop millions of child deaths. At the current rate the goal won't be met until 2045. That's an unacceptable 30 years late!

Add your voice by sending a message to the UK's Ambassador to the UN, urging him to make sure the September meeting results in concrete actions to cut child deaths, not more missed opportunities.

Click here to visit the Save The Children Campaign