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Japanese Fairies visit UK

St-Michaels-Ley-line across England

st-michaels-ley-lineJuri Iida famous for her Oriental and mystical Fairies has just made a short visit to the United Kingdom to fulfil her artistic and creative desire and to begin to understand first hand the Celtic and Faerie folklore traditions that this country is steeped in.

Taking in Edinburgh, the Lake District for Beatrix Potter she then worked to and fro along St Michaels Ley line that stretches from Penzance across England to the East Coast.

It was in the beautiful village of Broadway in the Cotswolds, in the old hostlery now a famed hotel called the Lygon Arms that Juri met up with fairy artist Myrea Pettit and author David Riche. They were able to show her the historic rooms in the building where Oliver Cromwell stayed the night before the battle of Worcester 1651 and also the room that King Charles the first stayed. Its connection is with the English Civil War, for which the two main characters Oliver Cromwell and King Charles I it is most historically famous, such is the wonderment of centuries of English history for her to add to the stories of her travels.

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