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We Save The Fairy Children – Will You?

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“Every child is a Fairy deserving an enchanted childhood, my picture shocks even me, yet this is reality and is happening now in the 21st century. Please take a moment to take in such horror and allow your conscience to stop this happening. A regular donation to Save the Children will help to ease the pain and suffering of children, the fairies of our world.”

Myrea Pettit

The UN are meeting on 25 September 2008 to discuss the goals they set to tackle poverty. We want them to 'get on track' with their goal to cut child deaths by two-thirds by 2015. Progress on this goal has been slow 10 million children still die every year, mostly from preventable causes. That's appalling.

We want you to join tens of thousands of people around the world who are demanding that the UN uses this meeting to 'get on track' to stop millions of child deaths. At the current rate the goal won't be met until 2045. That's an unacceptable 30 years late!

Add your voice by sending a message to the UK's Ambassador to the UN, urging him to make sure the September meeting results in concrete actions to cut child deaths, not more missed opportunities.

Click here to visit the Save The Children Campaign

2 Responses to “We Save The Fairy Children – Will You?”

  1. Devon St.Claire Says:

    I studied Death of a Fairy. It moves me, and I agree with David that it will have a power with people who will examine their blessed lives and want to reach out to damaged, woebegone children.
    This work is effective precisely because your usual portrayals are bright with optimism and happiness and freedom…. I want to see the Birth of the Fairy now!

    Thank you, Myrea…I think it is so signiicant that Marielle went to Fairies World to find images to send to us…
    La Bonne Nuit, Devon

  2. Sharon Lindeman NY USA Says:

    Your Death of a fairy is so hauntingly beautiful….What a magnificent piece of work that captures the heartrendering condition of the fairy child that is dying of starvation. I did see much of this in India as well as losing quite a bit of weight, there, too, myself. I am already thin but there the bones just start to stick out like I was an Indian. There are heavy ones there, too, though, especially the wealthy ones. It is a land of contrasts. Oh, I also love your painting “The Messenger”. Both of your paintings are just exquisite and evocative. I feel your Death of a Fairy will be widely viewed and used and will reach a lot of people. I have looked at this from time to time in the summer when I would go to fairiesworld and http://www.poetseers.org to read poetry and see the beautiful fairy art work you have there. They became my home away from home.
    Sharon Lindeman NY USA

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