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Priscilla Hernandez

Priscilla Hernandez donation appeal

Having travelled from the successful Faerieworlds Festival in Oregon , via Chicago to Zurich to Barcelona and to the bus terminal within half a mile of their home our very dear friends and musicians and FAE cover girl, Priscilla Hernandez, and her partner Hector, were the victims of a daylight robbery in which all of their equipment and money was stolen.

It is at times like this when we need to come together and help those in need, in any small way we can.

So, on both sides of the faery pond, we are pulling together to help get Priscilla and Hector back onto their faery feet again, so they can buy new equipment to create even more of their beautiful music.

There are various ways to donate:

* Direct donation to Priscilla via Paypal
* Buy the debut copy of FAE (all proceeds from first 100 copies sold go directly to Priscilla)
* Donate via the Faerieworlds website appeal.

Please help our friends

Here follows an extract from Priscilla’s post on my faeryspace

“…Just as soon as we stepped from the airbus airport two big guys attacked us robbed all our studio equipment and personal belongings, they poured a substance over us and they wanted the black case in which we carried all important things, so we’ve been stolen all the cash we made in faerieworlds, our laptop, our mobile studio and soundcard, our photocamera, our hardrive with our data, our videocamera, all our memories, our flat and car keys, our passports, and almost everything of value I had with me, thanks god they didn’t took my carry on so my original paintings are safe. I’m pretty sure we were spotted and they did know which case they wanted…” Priscilla Hernandez

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