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T-cup and the Dream Team Fairies

A message from Sarah and Rebekah Manfield

My book – T-cup and the Dream Team Fairies – is a children’s book aimed at between 5 and 9 year olds and is also a family book that parents or guardians can read to children at bed time or, teachers in class.

T-cup and the Dream Team Fairies
It is about a team of fairies called the Dream Team Fairies with T-cup as the main character and these fairies deliver dreams to children. Each fairy in the team works for a specific department, T-cup works for the department of Truth, her best friend Cloud works for the department of Courage, their leader Key works for the department of Knowledge and there are others in the team too.
They have to fight against the Boglins who are the adversaries with Gobey as the main Boglin and his sidekick Dum they along with their team give children nightmares.
This first book is about a bully and the bullied child becoming courageous and learning the value of truth to stop the bully because of T-cups involvement along with her team.
There are many values for children to learn in this book along with humour. My main aim is to help children through many of today’s challenges.

I am currently writing number two in the series which is about foster care.

The cover and a couple of small illustrations inside the book have been done by my step-daughter as I do not draw as well as my imagination will let me!

I really appreciate the response and hope you can help.

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