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Grounded Fairies with Back Pain

Posted: Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

Maybe it is the energetic life of  Fae performers and dancers, many of whom follow various forms of yoga  and exercise regimes but now and again we are asked questions about back injuries or back pain.

We would certainly recommend taking a look at how to rebuildYourBack.com the official companion website for the book Rebuild Your Back, by Dean Moyer before considering any form of surgery that may be recommended by a medical practitioner, not only is  it home of the only happy back pain support group on the net but in many cases expensive treatments are not necessary, just time , patience and encouragement and soon all happy fairies are flying once again.

In addition to the book Rebuild Your Back, Second Edition, there are two other books: Rebuild Your Neck… and a new book on overcoming joint pain entitled, The Pain Relief Manual.

Needlework of Arlene Lewis

Posted: Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Sugar Plum Fairy an original design by Fairy Artist Myrea Pettit has been meticulously stitched by Arlene Lewis over ten months. Her gorgeous work can be seen below a wonderful example of her needlecraft.

Says Myrea,” I am  absolutely amazed and delighted to see this finished piece of work by Arlene!! So much skill and patience, that  apart from myself Arlene will  understand and feel every color and  passion of my artistic illustration,  congratulations Arlene, and thank you”.

Anyone reading this can send for the chart of this image and others by Myrea Pettit to Heaven and Earth designs in USA.

Sugar Plum Fairy -Needlepoint by Arlene Lewis

Fairy Fans

Posted: Sunday, November 7th, 2010

In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries interest in fairies was particularly strong. They represented an alternative to the materialistic and rapidly changing world following industrialisation and great population growth. In England Charles Kingsley’s Water Babies (1863) was followed by J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan (1904), with illustrations by Arthur Rackham (1906), and numerous ‘Flower Fairy’ books with illustrations by Cicely Mary Barker (from 1923). The illustration of fairies on this fan depicts an enchanting, happy and graceful world of fantasy and conveys the spirit of the times in dreams and longings for a magical world where wishes come true.

Royal fairy fan

Storme is Five

Posted: Monday, October 18th, 2010

Fairies 'I'm Five!'

Fairies 'I'm Five!'

Fairies 'I'm Five!'

Fairies 'I'm Five!'

Fairies 'I'm Five!'

Fairies 'I'm Five!'

I’m five, I’m five
I am a big girl now, I’m five
My mother doesn’t spank me just
For going without a hat
She knows darn well I’d run away
‘Cause I’m too old for that
What does she think I’m three?
Not me
What does she think I’m four?
I’m more than four
I’m even more than four and a half…
I’m five!
Artist:Barbra Streisand

Fairy Baby Boomers

Posted: Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

Celebrity Fairy artist Myrea Pettit honours the memory of her mentor and friend  Swedish illustrator Ann Mari Sjogren who died this summer aged 92. Famed for her book A Day in Fairyland which a world of post WWII baby boomers grew up on. Myrea’s new picture ‘Daisy Chain’ is a fitting tribute to the unending link and connection to the World of Fairy.

Daisy Chain

New York Fairies

Posted: Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Theo van Joolen New York’s own Fairy Poet’ with timely words hits New York Fashion Week

A Fairy’s Winter Outfit (see link)

When Lady Autumns’ golden rays
Begin to say adieu
A fairy with a fashion sense
Must think of something new

Silken sleeves and petal skirts
Possess a certain flair
But won’t pass fairy muster
In the frost and chilly air

Bunny’s fur and spider’s web
Were popular last year
But much too hard to harvest
And the weaving I can’t bare

The fuzzies from the goose’s wing
Are easy to accrue
I’m always very nice to them
They let me sift right through

The friendly flocks flew south before
I made my bold request
The thought of wearing hand-me-downs
Put my senses to the test

I pondered my dilemma
While strolling through the glade
And spied a natural haute couture
That seemed most ready-made

Such smooth and downy elegance
With moonlight’s silver sheen
This fabric throughout fairyland
On me just MUST be seen!

For me to make a statement
I knew I could not share
I’d need garments and accessories
And style beyond compare

My fairy sweet acquired for me
This robe of winter’s bloom
By picking all the plush supply
Of dandelion’s plume

I donned my soft and fluffy gown
And strutted with such pride
Grinned at my fairy sisters
Whose eyes beamed open wide!

Winter fashion’s highest prize
Would be mine this day…
But then a mighty gust of wind
Blew all my my clothes away.

Winter Outfit ©Myrea Pettit

Digitaal elfen tekenen

Posted: Saturday, August 28th, 2010

Fairies Art Studio by David Riché -Myrea Pettit and Yishan Studio now available in Dutch ‘Digitaal elfen tekenen’  distributed in Netherlands and published by Librero   –  www.librero.nl

Digitaal elfen tekenen

Charleigh Riché by Dad

Posted: Sunday, August 15th, 2010

At 72  and affectionately known as the Fairy Godfather, and a decade as an author David Riché known for championing young fairy and fantasy artists in his books, decided to try his hand at wife Myrea’s acrylics and painted this portrait over the weekend of their daughter Charleigh. ” I needed to know what drives these wonderful artists, no sooner had I started I found I was fascinated, completely hooked and couldn’t stop, and that bit was the hardest part, knowing when to say I’ve finished! I have a totally new high regard for the creative imagination and skills of artists , just wish I had started when I was young”

Charleigh Riché a portrait by her dad, David Riché


Posted: Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

Fairytale this – Fairytale that- Fairytales here-Fairytales there

The truth is that Fairies are everywhere! The seers and believers no longer have to convince the wider public with the fascination or wonder that Fairies exist or not. Clearly they do!

Fairytale- Sweet Pea Fairy

Any time something amazing  happens, be it a birth, wedding, sports or special event, it is now an accepted colloquialism of English conversation and written language to enchant good news with the added smile elevating the event to ‘Fairytale‘ status so lets have more Fairytales and dance into light!

Storme counts Butterflies

Posted: Monday, July 26th, 2010

Butterflies in forest and woodland

Little ‘Storme’  has been encouraged like many other children to take part this week in the UK Butterfly count.

Storme counts butterflies

Identify and count UK butterfly week