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Irish leprechaunMyrea Pettit often called a faerie herself decided make a quick trip to Ireland and find if the 'Little People' or the Leprechauns known for being small and diminutive older male faeries with a sharp eye for valuable treasure which they bury in old pots might make them selves known to her. Standing on the Halfpenny bridge over the River Liffey she decided a walk through the city might acquaint her to the traditions to talk with the locals who seemed so helpful and friendly.

Tempted by the thought of meeting a leprechaun usually a very rich cobbler or shoemaker who is more than likely to be in an intoxicated state on their own brew of poteen, Myrea prepared herself with some Guinness at Davy Byrnes one of the most famous pubs in Dublin

"Davy Byrnes Dublin's most famous pub, certainly in a literary sense, with it's Joycean associations. Always characterful, classy and fashionable. It's the original Dublin gastropub and it's over 100 years old. From oysters to pheasant."

halfpenny bridge leprechaunsMyrea Pettit drinking Guinsess Myrea Pettit drinking Guinsess Myrea Pettit drinking Guinsess

Leprechauns try to avoid meeting with humans, they are reputed to have inhabited Ireland long before the arrival of the Celts so a guided tour to gain some background history looking through the library at Trinity College and studying the amazing Book of Kells the only collection of six to ninth century illuminated Celtic manuscripts.

The temptation of the National Gallery of Art of Ireland and particularly the master paintings of the Beit collection were all too much for Myrea to go out into the surrounding countryside looking for the faerie rings or forts where the leprechauns might be.

Irish leprechaunIt was the lure of the Irish music that evening, and the one little old man perched on the stool wrapped in a belt with two leather pouches sitting at the end of the bar that Myrea could not take her eyes off, paying for his drinks with a silver shilling each time, his wrinkled up face was a picture laughing and singing to the music of the penny whistle and the fiddle and winking at her as if to say 'It takes one to know one', finally he beckoned to her to come and join him, but she never got to know more for as she got up to say hello, her gaze faltered for a moment, and he was gone.

Ask Myrea and she will tell you, 'you have to believe for sure that was a leprechaun, and she should know!

leprechaun Irish santa leprechaun figure

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