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The arts and crafts of needlework reflects centuries of embroidery and other skills using a needle.

The art of Myrea Pettit is now available charted for needlework enthusiasts all over the world, see just a small selection of Fairies, Flowers, Butterflies, Cats, Gnomes and other little people from the Fairy World

Embroidery is created on a mesh canvas and stretched over a frame for easy of working. The stitching threads used are generally silk or wool and the type of stitching plain like basketweave or half cross or more fancy like flame stitch.

Cross-stitch is only one of the many counted thread crossstitches, there are many other types of types of needle crafts some named here , needlepoint, petit point, Italian cross-stitch, four sided stitch, Queen stitch, nun's stitch, long-armed cross-stitch, other needle skills include herringbone, framed tapestry, assisi work, hardanger embroidery , drawn thread work, pulled thread, duplicate stitch , quilting, embroidery, chicken scratch, tatting, candle wicking, crochet , knit machine embroidery, lace, crewel work, blackwork, shadow work includes shadow quilting, shadow appliqué and embroidery and Italian shadow quilting and brodery Anglaise


Embroidery should not be confused with tapestry which is woven by hand on a weaving loom. Tapestry as a name is commonly and incorrectly applied to embroidered items made in needlepoint or canvas work, probably because this type of embroidery mimics the woven effect. The Bayeux Tapestry which depicts the events surrounding the 1066 Battle of Hastings is not, strictly speaking, a tapestry, but is instead embroidery, the actual physical work of stitching was most probably nuns from St. Augustine's Canterbury and completed in 1077 the Bayeux tapestry is a French national treasure as well as being seen in Bayeux Normandy France a replica was hand embroidered and can be seen in the Museum of Reading England.

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