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Photographing Fairies

If you haven't yet discovered that fairies have been photographed then please take time to read about wonders of the Cottingley Fairies that took the world by storm nearly a century ago

From that time when so much publicity was generated fairy photography slipped into obscurity with only a few notable still photographers having gained renown for their fairy photographs since then. Of course there was the development of moving pictures , cartoons and cinema fairy stars but there was little of artistic creative imagination with the use of film cameras.

The adorable Anne Geddes and Lisa Jane's studio portraits of babies and children in fairy costumes which have adorned everything from calendars and photo albums to tissue boxes, these images were designed to appeal more to the baby market.

In the last decade a new technology was emerging that would soon make it possible to create more convincing fantasy images with the use of digital photography and creative imagination with the magic of Adobe Photoshop.

Artists such as Suza Scalora started creating magical images to inspire and enchant a more mature audience. A new age of faerie was dawning that marked a return to a more sophisticated view of the otherworld.

Spearheading this movement today are two talented photographers with very distinctive styles and two unique messages they want the world to hear.

Margaret Dean, airy photography Copyright© 2006 Fairies World
Margaret Dean in Australia, whose images have an ethereal otherworld quality and a focus on sensitivity to the environment, while Joseph Corsentino in USA could best be described as a modern day mythmaker, whose photography is just one aspect of a complex theme of chaos and despair in the urban environment.

In 2005 Margaret created a forum on her website and put out the call to unite all other fairy photographers into one strong internet presence for the promotion of fairy photography as an art form. From this small beginning, a collaborative website Faerie Chronicles was created where fantasy photographers could converge to share ideas and critique each other's work.

Through efforts such as these, the public perception of fairy photography is slowly changing. Where once we thought of photographic images as merely "humans with wings", now we are able to look upon images that truly capture the beauty and essence of faerie, that there is truly a spiritual connection where nature, beauty and creative illustration come closer together working the wonders of our mythic belief.

Contributed by Margaret Dean ©2006 to Fairies World®

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