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Faeries and Pixies - John Bliven Morin©2011 Hawaii USA

Faeries are wondrous, with fairest of features,
Pixies are comely and cute little creatures;
Faeries ride butterflies; fireflies at night,
Pixies ride moonbeams, they are so light;
Faeries can make themselves tiny or tall,
Pixies are wee folk a few pixels all;
Faeries are magical, wiser and older,
Pixies: mischievous, daring and bolder;
To look upon faeries or pixies is rare,
And mortals who do so, must do so with care,
But if you’ve a good heart, with kindness and pluck
And meet either one, you’re sure to have luck!

Copyright (C) 2011 by John Bliven Morin

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