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Royal Rondo - Dorothea Barth 2011© Vallejo CA USA

When Catherine neared the Abbey
The world was wide awake
Although here on Pacific time
The dawn had yet to break

Where gazing at the colored screen
While sipping Lady Grey
With feast of strawberries and cream
I gave my own hurray

Admiring the honored guests
The famous and the knighted
I suddenly became aware
Of some that weren’t invited

Amidst the maple trees they perched
From hat to hat they fleeted
One looped around in sheer delight
Where Beatrice was seated

A medley congregated
Near cherub choir unseen
One hid beneath a myrtle sprig
Close by the future queen

When Prince Harry turned around
To see the princess fair
One sprang from his carrot curls
Soared high into the air

While Prince William whispered
Sweet words to his new bride
One peeked from his sky blue sash
And beamed with elfin pride

Then, on the fabled balcony
When prince and princess kissed
The wee ones hovered all around
This joy could not be missed

The fairy guests were camouflaged
In blossoms and in green
In feathers and in ruffled lace
Betwixt and in between

But in a world where troubles reign
Where oft the good must fight
The elves, though uninvited
Bore witness to the light


Royal Rondo
by Dorothea Barth © 2011
Written April 29, 2011

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