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The Good King - Jon Gutmacher2011©Orlando USA

One fateful day the king rode out
to see the land
and those about
to gauge the temperament
of what he held
to survey the realm
to serve it well

And at this time
not far away
a man grew weak
no place to stay

He lived on roots
and what he could steal
for this (was)
his only way
to have a meal

Once a warrior
brave and true
T’were many an enemy
that he slew
and once he saved
his embattled King
and fought
all who would
invade the Land

but age and times
can be quite hard
and men forget the past . . .
and youth
it does not last . . .

No place to live
no life to feel
except old wounds
that would not heal
the cold, dark nights
so empty, bleak
life passed him by
his eyes grew weak

But when he heard
the king approached
he hobbled to
the hedge, and  broached
and proudly stood
to glimpse his Liege
then bowed his head
to knee

the king passed by
and then stopped dead
for something swooned
inside his head
and then reared back
His eyes looked deep
he saw the man
and had to speak

I know you, friend
I know you well
You fought beside me
And fought like hell
You saved my life
more times than once
is this how I reward?

And then he alighted
from his stead
and joined the man
on bended knee
and raised him up
eye to eye
and stopped a tear
for Kings
don t cry

To you I give
a home and land
and funds enough
for you to stand
for all your days
a man of wealth
whose Liege remembers

And then the warrior
who once was bold
but now just tatters
and so so old
raised fist to heart
in deep salute
and looked at King
so resolute

You do me honor
you’ve paid the debt
and for all of time
with deep respect
for when I saved you
that battled day
I knew this then
and still I say

There never was
a better king than you
I would do it all again

And the warrior lived
the life he should
and on his grave
this inscription stood:

He served thru life
A grateful king
who never
will forget


copyright 2011 by jon gutmacher

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