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The Dream - Nissa Perri 2008©Oakland CA USA

With the moonlight through the window
and sand in my eyes
they lured me outside
while my mind was lathered with dream
stewed for hours in slumber
draping limbs pristine
I was pulled towards
a place

if I’d not gone roaming
through a wood after gloaming
I might have missed,
not seen what I saw

I wandered in sleep
across patio and wet grass
to the trees
draped in moss
and damp spider ash
the ancient ones called

my eyes
glassy and blind
could somehow behold
beings of silver and white
the fluttering wings
silky in the night
glowing flowers
floating pearls hovering their light
the wild eyed
thin limbed
creatures of myth
of leaf, water, dirt,
flesh, flower, and mold
they stay here forever
and never grow old
moving in spiral
and dizzy widdershin

midges of starlight swirled in my hair
cut in small pieces
combing the air

garlands draped along the boughs
a song
and voices
the grotesque and the fair
and I wish I had savored the moment when I saw this
one slice of the place
till the curtain came down and I was fetched by the deep.
I awoke in the morning
safe curled in my bed
my hands grasping
the ring of flowers
still crowned round my head.

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