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Moonbow Fairies - Ian Richardson©Fife Scotland

My, I am the Fairy of the Moon, the fairy gave a big sigh, then gently her wings beating, she looked towards the sky, and there was the Earth so blue against that black sky. I must go there very soon said the Moon Fairy to herself, all my earthbound fairies will be expecting me. So without waiting further, she flew up into the stars and made towards the earth,

Fairies Moonbow

Fairies Moon

On earth the fairies were all singing and dancing under the rays of a harvest moon, as they danced the fairy music good be heard, but only by fairies and those who believe in them, drifting across the fields of corn.

Into their mist came the Moon fairy, she alighted in the middle of the clearing, shimmering so bright in her magic way, covered in a dress a fine moonbeams. All the fairies ran towards her, to spread their wings and greet her so warmly.

You have returned to us Moon fairy they all sang, yes I am back to tell you of the magic of moonbeams and how they heal and bring love to everyone on earth, and so she told them about the magic of the Moon in the heavens above and the Fairies expressed their joy buy dancing and helping all those in need of the magic that only fairies can bring.

And as they looked up, there was a string of stardust drifting upwards towards the stars the Moon fairy returned to her Golden home among the skies so bright.

Ian Richardson 2008©Fife Scotland

If you should ever have the privilege to see a moonbow which is a very rare phenomenon believe me you will have been enchanted and blessed by the fairies and the Moon

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