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The World’s Smallest Giant - John Bliven Morin©Hawaii USA

The World’s Smallest Giant
A Christmas Tale for Children

Once upon a time, there was a giant named Thirgill. Even though it was almost Christmas time, Thirgill was not happy. You see, Thirgill was only five feet tall. Now that may not seem so awful to you … but for a giant … that’s really quite small. Poor Thirgill was the world’s smallest giant, and that’s why he was so unhappy.

Thirgill’s little brother Thirhald (who was fifteen feet tall) suggested that a letter to Father Christmas might help. So after much coaxing, Thirgill wrote:

“Dear Father Christmas:

I have only one wish for Christmas. I am the world’s smallest giant, only five feet tall. Can you please change me into something else so I can do things to help people? I’m just too little to do giant’s work. Please help me.


On Christmas Eve, Thirgill went to bed early, after he and little brother Thirhald made a last-minute check of the Christmas tree and stockings.

The brothers were awakened Christmas morning by the squeals of delight from the children next door. Thirgill leaped out of bed with anticipation and ran to the mirror.

But poor Thirgill still looked the same … and was still only five feet tall. The only thing that kept him from bursting out in tears was the excited voice of his little brother calling to him from the other room.

“Thirgill! Come here quickly! It’s something for you from Father Christmas!”

Thirgill ran into the room at once, to see Thirhald holding a large red box with gold ribbons. On the box was a card addressed to THIRGILL, NO LONGER THE WORLD’S SMALLEST GIANT.

“What does it mean?” asked Thirgill, “I look just the same as I always did.”

“Open the gift, Thirgill,” cried little brother Thirhald, “open it!”

Thirgill opened the box excitedly, putting aside all the bright red paper and the pretty gold ribbons. In the box, Thirgill could see some strange clothing… a big gold certificate… and right on top, a letter from Father Christmas!

“Dear Thirgill:

I hope you will have a very merry Christmas with what I am sending you. I suppose you are curious about how and why you are no longer the world’s smallest giant and yet haven’t seemed to change in the least.

I am granting your request to change your unhappy situation. We at the North Pole have a tremendous job preparing toys and gifts for children throughout the year. My gnomes and elves, due to their small size, must work frightfully hard to meet our annual Christmas Eve deadline.

We have needed help for many years, and I am asking you to join us. Please read the enclosed gold certificate.

Merry Christmas,
Father Christmas”

Thirgill picked up the beautiful gold certificate with tears of happiness in his eyes.

This certifies that
is to be henceforth known as
Thirgill, the World’s Tallest Elf
and a Member in Good Standing and an
Official Employee of Santa’s Workshop.

“The World’s Tallest Elf,” exclaimed Thirgill. (you know, he felt bigger already!)

“What else is in the box?” asked his brother.

Thirgill looked again, and pulled out the biggest Elf Suit either of them had ever seen… and when Thirgill tried it on, it fit perfectly!

How very proud of his brother was Thirhald! He told all the other giants from that day on, that his brother was Thirgill, the World’s Tallest Elf!

So… if you’ve been getting larger Christmas gifts lately, and if you’ve wondered how those little, tiny elves could have managed them… you can be sure they were helped by none other than Thirgill, the World’s Tallest (and happiest) Elf!

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