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Shari Fairy - Tracy R.Cardinet©2014 CAL USA

It’s true, you are a fairy

I knew it when we met

You’ve such a calming presence

I never will forget


Your smile was so inviting

Your eyes looked that way too

To meet you was exciting

I found a friend, brand-new


You said you are a healer

Of this, I have no doubt

You have to be a feeler

To bring such things about


I sense, you feel things deeply

You feel them in your heart

Perhaps that’s why you travel

To keep your soul apart . . .


Apart from dull and mundane things

Which hinder your success

After all, one rarely sees

A fairy, in distress


You will find the means to go

To travel, here and there

To places old, to places new

To places everywhere


Quite soon, you’ll find a flower

With a tower, that’s just right

New petals will empower

And will sharpen your insight


After that, it won’t be long

You’ll find your wings and fly

Remembering that you are free

On earth, as in the sky


So, go on, Fairy – fly now

It’s okay, you can start

Worry’s over . . . time to fly

Your compass is your heart


“Shari Fairy” . September 11, 2014 . t.r. cardinet ©

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