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Magic In the Pumpkin Patch - Tracy R.Cardinet©2014 CAL USA

A little fairy, meek and merry

Sheltered ‘neath a pumpkin leaf

I found her presence quite contrary

Clinging to my disbelief


For I had never seen a fairy

Except once, in picture book

The tiny creature did not tarry

Startled by my startled look


She lit out from beneath the leaf

Her wee wings all a’fluttering

Fleeing from the pumpkin patch

No sound at all, was uttering


I hesitated, but a second

Then followed where she flew

Enchanted by her sparkling lights

That glistened, like the dew


Happily, I stayed on the path

Her twinkling lit the way

Not flying very far, nor fast

Her movements seemed to say:


“Come on, now! Do come along!

You needn’t fuss nor worry

If you must, just sing a song

That might help you to hurry”


There are times when I feel lonely

Maybe she felt lonely too

Gladly I’d befriend her — if only

I could fly like fairies flew


Suddenly, and without warning

That fairy stopped, in mid-air

From above, she looked down, with love

My head tilted back, I just stared


Smiling at me, ever so sweetly

Her eyes were as blue as the sky

“I’m very glad you decided to meet me”

Her voice was so tiny and high


“You wanted to meet me?” I stammered

For a second, I thought I’d heard wrong

“Of course I did, silly! (she laughed then)

I’ve been waiting for you for so long!”


“In the pumpkin patch is where I first spied you

Every morning you’d come and you’d stay;

I thought you looked nice, all sugar-n-spice

So I hid ‘neath the leaves every day!”


“Oh” I said, my cheeks growing hot

“I didn’t know that you were there”

“I was there, but it was for naught”

She brushed back a wisp of red hair


“What do you mean?” I quickly inquired

Finding a seat on the ground

(she continued)

“I wanted to play, but then I’d get tired,

When I’d wake up, you weren’t around”


I watched her, as she neared me

Delicate, lovely, wee sprite

“I’m wondering, can you still hear me?”

I nodded and watched her alight


There on my knee, real as can be

She sat down – her hand cupped her chin

Confused and excited, completely delighted

I wondered just how to begin


That was two years ago, come this November

I remember our meeting so well

Now we’re best friends, fairy and I

Our story, I just love to tell




“ Magic In the Pumpkin Patch” . 09-15-14 . t.r. cardinet ©

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