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Fairy stories by Cheryl Burrows - Cheryl Burrows 2015© Liverpool UK

Ruby Rainbow Saves The Day


Rainbow Fairy 2014©Myrea Pettit


Up so high where no one can see live the fairies of the weather,

Sometimes working on their own and sometimes they work together,

The weather is different every day, but the fairies have their reasons,

They work so hard around the world to give four different seasons.


It was a very bright day in April and Fairy Sally sun hummed out loud,

She listened to the birds singing and watched the lambs skip around.

She noticed the grass getting greener and saw the trees with new buds,

And watched the people in the towns below take off their hats and gloves.


Spring had finally sprung after the long cold winter spell,

And as she looked all around her, everything looked well.

Daffodil’s stood tall and proud, bluebell’s blanketed the woods,

The gentle sounds of spring had arrived and things were looking good.


Then the fairies Rachel Rain and Cleo Cloud came along and sat close by,

And the three of them sat chatting quietly in the sky.

When suddenly the quietness broke and dogs began to bark,

The three of them looked down and saw some people running through the park.


The sound of engines began to roar and siren’s sounded loud,

And very soon people gathered into an extremely large crowd.

“What is happening?” Sally questioned “We will have to find out.

I will send some of my sunbeams to find out what this is about.”


So Sally gathered her sunbeams together and explained they needed to know,

What had happened to cause this commotion in the town below.

Her sunbeams were happy to help her, they wanted to do all they could,

But the news that they gathered together wasn’t sounding very good.


One of her sunbeams said “Oh, Sally, this is terrible and our news is rather shocking,

Some people are being chased down there as they have been caught robbing.”

Sally knew there was nothing they could do and found this very frustrating,

Because they knew this was very bad they spent their time concentrating.


They concentrated on where they ran, they watched everything they did,

They even knew when they disappeared because they had ran and hid.

The people below had no idea where the robbers had fled,

They looked down the streets and avenues and checked in peoples sheds.


“They are over there,” Sally shouted, “they are hiding behind that wall.”

But none of the people could hear her, none of them could hear her at all.

Then just as she was about to give up and wiping away a tear,

Ruby Rainbow came along “I am not sure but it’s worth a try, I think I have an idea.


You and Rachel Rain must work together as you know this makes me glow,

And we will try to catch these robbers in the town below.”

It was an important job they had to do as the robbers had stolen cash,

They needed to show the people below where they had hidden the stash.


So Sally Sun shone as hard as she could and Rachel rained all her drops down,

So as Ruby could glow with all her might to help the people in the town.

She concentrated very hard to make sure her colours could be seen by all,

Making sure her rainbow shone just above the wall.


The people became excited, they had never seen such a display,

What a clever idea from Ruby as she was pointing out the way.

Everyone began to rush over and the robbers were sent to jail,

All the people were so delighted, what a wonderful tale.


Because everyone knows whether young or old,

At the end of every rainbow is a pot of gold.

3a Pomona flying a kite over rainbow220-001

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