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Fairy stories by Cheryl Burrows (ii) - Cheryl Burrows 2015© Liverpool UK

When Rachel Rain Did More Than Just Shower


We all know fairies are beautiful and also very clever,

Always looking after the land and taking care of the weather,

But sometimes they get very excited and don’t know where to stop,

And the Fairy Rachel Rain sent out too many drops.


“The flowers are looking so pretty,” Rachel Rain said to Billy Breeze,

“I really love this time of year after the winters long cold freeze.

Springtime is an important time in the towns and villages below,

And if it was not for my raindrops, the flowers would not grow.”


“Yes, but they also need lots of sunlight,” Billy said to Rachel Rain,

Thinking she was being unkind and perhaps a little bit vain.

“Well, I must be the most important, or I wouldn’t do April showers,

And I know for sure, if it wasn’t for my rain, there would not be any flowers.”


“Well, yes,” said Billy “I quite agree, your raindrops are important,

Because none of the flowers and trees would grow if they were never watered.

But the flowers need warmth and sunlight, so Sally Sun is needed too,

And together you do a very good job working the way you do.”


“Well, I think you are wrong” said Rachel “and I will prove to you I am right,

I will show you none of the flowers need the warmth or sunlight.

Sally Sun can take a holiday and this spring will be very wet,

My raindrops will fall everyday and be my busiest April yet.”


“I don’t think that is a good idea, you are not being very clever,

The people in the towns and villages below get fed up with wet weather.

They like to see the sunshine and the children like to play,

But when it rains,” Billy explained “they feel winter has not gone away.”


“The children love my puddles and I think you are being silly,

So leave me alone I have work to do.” Rachel snapped at Billy.

Then Rachel let her raindrops fall on the towns and villages below,

Hoping that all her raindrops would make the flowers grow.


Sally sent her sunbeams and shone with all her might,

She tried so very hard to make this April bright.

But Rachel kept on pouring down below,

Still hoping that all the water would make the flowers grow.


She would not look at Billy, she pretended Sally was not there,

She would not listen to anyone, as though she did not care.

Sally and Billy became frightened for the people down below,

Because along the roads and streets, they watched the water flow.


They could not see any people and no children came out to play,

They had to stay inside their homes and shut themselves away.

No land could be seen through water, it was beginning to look like a lake,

If only Rachel could see she had made a terrible mistake.


“That is it” said Sally “I have seen enough, Rachel must stop now,

I will have to make her listen, although I don’t know how.”

When suddenly across the sky came a beautiful coloured glow,

“I will help you Sally” said her friend Ruby Rainbow.


“You will have to shine brighter, shine as hard as you can,

Don’t worry” she said to Sally and Billy “I have a little plan.”

So Sally sent out her sunbeams and the sky became much lighter,

And the more Sally shone with her sunbeams, Ruby’s colours became brighter.


“What are you doing?” shouted Rachel “You are hurting my eyes.”

Then her raindrops stopped falling, to everyone’s surprise,

“I am busy with my raindrops for the towns and villages below,

To prove that it is my raindrops that make the flowers grow.”


“The only thing you are making grow are the rivers and the pools,

Now look Rachel, you really have been such a fool,

You thought you were being clever, but all you have been is vain,

So stop it now, this instant.” Ruby told Rachel Rain.


Rachel knew Ruby was right, she had been very silly

She felt embarrassed and cross with herself as she looked at Billy.

“I am sorry for the amount of rain I sent down below,

It was far too much water for anything to grow.”


Sally had many days of work and sent fairy sunbeams far and wide,

Working all the daylight hours, until the ground below had dried.

Ruby glowed over the peoples homes, her colours bright in the sky,

Too cheer up all the children while Sally made their gardens dry.


Billy explained to Rachel “The people rely on the weather,

We are all important in our own way, but we must all work together.

All of us are special, we are all good at what we do,

And to be able to work as a team is extra special too.”


Rachel agreed with Billy and next spring when it is time for showers,

She will work with Sally and Billy and there will be lots of lovely flowers.


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