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Fairy stories by Cheryl Burrows (iii) - Cheryl Burrows 2015© Liverpool UK

How Millie Moon Became The Farmers Best Friend.


Nature is so magical and most of it we don’t understand,

So I will let you into a secret, it’s the fairies that watch over the land,

They live so high up in the sky where nobody can see,

Watching over all the land looking after you and me.


“Cleo, please remove your clouds.” Asked Sally Sun one day,

“I am trying to shine so very hard, but the sky just looks so grey.

Please move to one side, let me through and I will make the sky clear,

It really is too early for you as summer is still here.”


“But I will be needed” replied Cleo Cloud “Autumn is on the way,

So I really need to practise making a dull and gloomy day.”

“But it is still the beginning of September ,” Sally Sun began to explain,

“We don’t want the people in the towns and villages below to complain.


You will have to find another time and practise another day,

Maybe nearer to Autumn then you won’t be in the way.”

Cleo gave it a little thought and agreed that Sally was right,

So she came up with another plan, she could practise through the night.


So the last few days of summer Sally shone warm and clear,

Gradually getting cooler as Autumn was getting near.

Then late one summer’s evening Cleo spread across the sky,

And when she was feeling comfortable she gave a contented sigh.


But the more contented Cleo felt the darker she became,

And sadly all the farmers down below really began to complain.

Because Cleo had not realised it was a busy time of year,

For all the farmers down below, as harvest time was here.


Farmer’s days are very long and they have to work through the night,

And right at this very moment, Cleo was blocking the moonlight.

The farmer’s were disappointed, they could not harvest their crop,

So they turned off all their machinery as their work had to stop.


Meanwhile Millie was crying “I can not find my way,

If Cleo Cloud does not move the farmer’s will have to harvest another day.”

Then all of a sudden Willy Wind appeared as he heard Millie cry,

He knew at once what the problem was, Cleo was blocking the sky.


“Do not worry” he told Millie “I will ask her to go,

Then the farmer’s can get back to work and you can start to glow.”

But Cleo was far too content, she really wanted to stay,

She still wanted to practise for a dull and gloomy day.


“Oh, just a little longer,” moaned Cleo “I want to get it right.”

“No” snapped Willy “During the winter you can cloud up every night,

But right now I must ask you to move, you must clear the way,

Then the farmer’s can continue to work before the light of day.”


But Cleo was not happy, she did not really want to go,

She was not really bothered about the farmers down below.

But Willy knew it was important, they had to have Millie’s moon light,

And he knew he had to move Cleo so Millie could shine bright.


“I am sorry Cleo, but I have been patient, I have asked you more than twice,

I will have to blow you out of the way, I know it is not very nice,

But the farmers job is important and Millie has work to do,

And neither can get their work done and it is all because of you.”


So Willy Wind took a deep breath and he began to blow,

And very quickly Cleo cleared and Millie began to glow.

The farmers turned on their machinery and continued to cut their crop,

“Now with any luck,” Willy said, “They will be able to cut the lot.”


Oh, thank you Willy,” said Millie Moon as she dried her eyes,

“I think I will work extra hard and give them a lovely surprise.”

Millie Moon shone her hardest, she shone as bright as could be,

And the farmers work was made easier now they all could see.


“This should be a special time, just for Millie Moon,

At the same time every year we will call you Harvest Moon.”

Everyone was happy and the farmers had cut their crops,

And Millie was the farmers best friend, they all agreed she was the TOPS.




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