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The Unicorn - Albert Gazeley©2004

The Unicorn sat in his unified world
Below him all God’s heavens twirled

He was monitoring the thoughts of those in his charge
Diverting any evil dreams at large

His mental powers were like a shield
Diverting any nightmares that were afield

Ensuring children slept in gentle peace
And all their nocturnal agitation cease

He is the original dream catcher of aeons past
But he too is worrying – will his powers last

As fairies and goblins fade away
Will Unicorns also disappear one day

As sure as the sun throws earth the moon’s silhouette
How can Santa Claus and Fairies come under threat

When mortals know that the heavens – are beyond comprehension
How can they reject magic and put fairyland into contention

The Unicorn is aware few children now believe what their mothers say
And that most family values are challenged and begin to fray

But how can the world exist without a fairy realm
Surly just mortal reality alone will overwhelm

And as traditions and values are flouted and put to the test
Children will eventually be full of anguish – and over stressed

But to change inevitable development is not a Unicorn’s responsibility
He is aware it is not his vocation and is far beyond his ability

Yes – one day just like the fairies he may fade away . . .
And re-emerge in fairy heaven to live out his days

For there is a mystical paradise where magic is unimpeded
And its full of fellow unicorns and fairy friends – all no longer needed

The Last Unicorn

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