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The Return of the Fairies - Albert Gazeley© 2004

On a pure crystal star –
A trillion light years away
Magical creatures are assembling
To have their say. . . .

It seems that within living memory
They faded from the Earth –
Now they want to return
To re-establish their worth

For without them the Earth Planet
Just cannot survive –
So they feel returning is essential
Hence they have begun to contrive

Their plan is to re-establish
The magic balance that’s been lost
So an urgent offensive is vital –
No matter the cost

Currently they’re debating recruitment
With exciting new features
With their propaganda including
Some popular Earth story creatures

So canonization of new creatures
Like Toad, Ratty, and Mole
Is quite likely to happen
And they will take on a new role

But as you know Mr Toad is impatient
And he hates to wait long
So whilst the conference was debating
He has composed a Toad marching song

Once the conference has reached
Its final conclusion
The Phoenix will rise
And it will not be an illusion

Likewise all magical creatures
Will assemble and fall into line
And some will fly to Earth direct
Whilst others will race back in time

For to re-establish their magic
They will use all the tricks in the book
So some will go back to the past
And take a fresh look

They will wipe out all memories
Of those that don’t believe
As it’s just for their own good
And is not meant to harm or deceive

And a new Fairy Kingdom
Will be fresh in all children’s heads
Newly consecrated fairies like Alice and Snow White
Will take turns to visit the children in bed

And the old pitiful Earth Planet
Will re-bloom and take on new cheer
For the world will be so happy
Once the Fairies are back here

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