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Fairies at Full Moon and Solstice

The most amazing coincidence with a full moon 19th June followed with the Summer Solstice on the 20th. Famous Fairy artist Myrea Pettit has chosen this moment to show her latest image to the world. It shows an innocent child who will become ‘The Messenger,’ peering between the trees from her dark drab world. To her surprise she has her first sighting of fairies, a world of fantasy, of love and light, something to believe in, she is now able to tell others of its existence. There in front of her is one of natures endangered species the Cinnamon Humming Bird with its’ guardian Cinnamon Fairy and creatures that give soul to childhood and a belief that shines brightly, reflecting in her eyes. It is the moment of pure magic, of a true connection to the energies of Mother Earth and nature itself, and as any good fairy lover knows, full moon or a Solstice are prime times to perchance upon the faeries. The 2008 summer solstice officially is at 7:59 p.m. in the Northern Hemisphere for USA and 23:59 in UK.

\"Believe in Fairies World\"

The solstice is the alignment of objects out in space that potentially produces the most sunlight of any day of the year — about 15 hours between sunrise and sunset today depending on the weather in your area. It is the arrival of summer.

The June 20th/21st (the time varies slightly each year) is the start of Summer Solstice. About three days after the solstice itself June 24th is known as Midsummer’s Day which is also World Fairy Day, and St. John’s Feast Day,it is observed by Northern Europeans and Anglophones also it is a cultural, Pagan, Christian celebration that marks the Ancient middle of Summer called by others names, L?go, Litha, Ivan Kupala Day, the astronomical beginning of Summer, and the nativity of St. John the Baptist. There are great celebrations with fairy festivals, bonfires, feasting, singing, and Maypole dancing

Fairy day June 24th

3 Responses to “Fairies at Full Moon and Solstice”

  1. Devon St Claire Says:

    Thank you, Myrea’s sweet, sweet fairy captures my spirit with her beauty and outgoing presence…to say nothing about the other energetic creatures surrounding her. And she expresses “love and light'” to a needy world. Thanks to Myrea for releasing this goodness to thoughtful people who ‘see’ dimensions other than economic or struggle for power or mean-spiritedness in relations. The fairy bears Myrea’s personality and artistic energy; she is sister to “Dancing into Light.”

    I will share this image with women striving to change their lives.
    And I have not even mentioned the child, somewhat in shadow, but wide-eyed and ‘knowing’ much about life. There is promise of a mature beauty that will be hers in a very few years. This idea should enter a little girl’s mind and propel her into awesome beauty one day.

    Love and Light to you,

    Devon St.Claire USA


    FANTASTIC!!!!! Keep the faerie lights burning.
    Many faerie blessings to you and your family from Keith and Sandra.

  3. Buenaventura Says:


    You are blessed greatly from the Universe that your heart and fingers know the lines and directions of a true open soul!!!

    I hope many, many people from around this planet who are connected to the Fairy World, will join in, expressing happiness and joy at seeing this work !!!!
    To me, it is like being in five different images, that allows one to travel thru different dimensions of time. Just wonderful!!!

    I had a wild vision just now, of how this would look , if it were 3 meters high:-)))) Thank you for sharing this with us Myrea!!!!

    Much Light and Energy and Success

    Buenaventura and Konrad


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