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Harold Gage – Artist

REWARD FRED – FIND HAROLD GAGE ARTIST – and  enlighten us all, thanks Myrea.

I have an original work by an artist named Harold Gage.  It was done in the mid to early 1920’s.  My Grandfather worked for a company named Thomas Cook and Sons that dealt with travel.  He came to know Harold Gage through his work.  Mr. Gage gave my grandfather a painting that was to be used as the design for a children’s book by an author named Abbie Phillips Walker.  The title which is included in the painting is Sandman’s Stories of Drusilla Doll.  Can you tell me anything about this artist?

Fred Fawcett,
Layfayette, OR USA

Thankyou for your reply.  I would appreciate you putting this on your weblog.  I saw Harold Gage’s name as the result of a Google search for something else completely unrelated.  It was the only other reference to his name other than my picture that I’ve ever seen.  When my son next visits, I’ll have him take a picture of the picture and send you a copy.  Thanks again for your help.

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