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Priscilla Hernandez

Love with Muguet forever

Chevaliers everywhere, now is the time to show your love in true romantic French tradition presenting your beloved with ‘Muguet’. Surely the most poignant day in France for lovers to show their true feelings and emotions or to remember those we love and cherish. It should be made a worldwide tradition!
1st May – La Fête du Muguet and Beltainemay-lily-of-the-valley1

Lily of the Valley

The meaning of this flower is “You will find Happiness.”
Muguet © Myrea Pettit

Originally the idea as a family was to take the children into the forests and let them pick your Muguet together.It is also the time of the Cuckoo in France.

These days in the cities you will more likely buy it from florist’s, or one of the countless vendors stand that appear overnight on every street corner, many these days selling for charities and other good causes.

Although at all other times of the year, selling any kind of flowers or anything else on the street requires paying for a permit, merry May Day is exempted from this tax, and anyone can sell the blossoms anywhere without being tithed by the city.

Naturally every florist has pots and bouquets of lily of the valley dominating their outdoor displays. The pots for lily of the valley are always deep and vase-shaped, another tradition.

People everywhere clutch their lily of the valley, to be offered to their loved ones. With May 1st also ushering in Beltaine I love this French custom it is such a perfect way to welcome the Rites of Spring, when all is bursting into blossom, and new life appears with animals, birds and insects and one thought turns to beauty, love, caring and togetherness, precious moments for all who share the Fairiesworld. Muguet is also known as Our Lady’s tears since, according to Christian legend, the tears Mary shed at the cross turned to Lilies of the Valley, and in another legend, the flower also sprang from the blood of St. George during his battle with the dragon.

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