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Making Fairy Dolls and Fairy Models - Techniques

Mixing Clay Colors

To achieve a particular desired effect for your miniature sculptures you will probably find that you have to mix colors. If you have painting experience then you will probably understand color mixing if not an artists color wheel explaining can be of great help. Remember if you are mixing to achieve color effects

  1. Clean hands are essential
  2. Harder clays take longer to knead especially if they are cold and your hands are too
  3. Remember to make enough of the one color at the first attempt, if you run short it is nearly impossible to make and match additional colors
  4. Work on a waxed paper or a glazed ceramic tile surface and remember to keep work surfaces clean.

Curing or Baking your Clay

It is essential to read the instructions for the clay you are using. NO Second guesses!
Only bake your clays in a room that is well ventilated as toxic fumes can result if your clay is over-baked. It is recommended you keep a suitable oven specially for this hobby-craft and not one used for domestic food preparation.

You need the exact temperature to cure your clay remembering that colors of clay of a particular brand can cure at differing temperatures, generally between 200 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit , equivalent to 93 to 149 degrees Centigrade. To prevent scorching with a color clay mix, bake at the lowest of the mixed clay, you can always rebake if the clays are not hardened first time. Always preheat your oven, miniatures generally take between 7 to 15 minutes depending on the size of your model. If you are starting then please read instructions carefully to avoid disappointment. You will soon get the hang of it, and if at first you don't succeed then try again you will soon master the simple technique. When you have finished remember to pack away and store in plastic bags your clays and follow the storage instructions that are written on the product boxes for increased shelf life.


A development of the early 1990's. PMC as it is called is a way to work in pure silver or gold on a variety of objects from Jewellery of course, but also combined with fabrics, paper, leather, sea shells, semi precious and precious stones and sentimental small objects .

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