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Making Fairy Dolls and Fairy Models - Modelling Materials

Polymer Clays

There are a number of manufacturers of Polymer clays recommended for anyone considering starting as a beginner. We would suggest you start by making miniatures and study these products , Sculpey III; Cernit; Promat; Fimo; your choice of clay will depend on your own style of working, your model design and your ability to work the clays with your fingers. If you suffer from arthritis or other restrictive manual capability Sculpey III may be more suited to you for its softness and pliability.

Needs warming with the hands, so someone with cold hands will find this takes a long time to become workable, but it does have a good shiny surface for painting when hardened.
Sculpey III:
A softer and more pliable clay easy to work there for it is important to keep your hands clean as you work so no dirt or other bits get into your sculpture.
Cures with lovely soft flesh tone its finish is remarkably like porcelain
A clay specially made for dolls and a favourite amongst Doll sculptors

Other Clays

Scola Clay :
Nylon reinforced air drying clay in grey stone and terracotta colors it is also called school clay. The great appeal is that it can be air dried, painted and varnished and it can also be fired and glazed.
Paper Clay :
Air drying real paper clay made in China. It is a good value, safe, low odour product for all modellers. Air drying paper clay comes in a child friendly wet packs and in larger dry powder packs. Air drying paper clay powder is very economical to use, expanding considerably when water is added.
Newclay :
A reinforced air drying modelling clay that is cured with hardening agents H1 and H2 http://www.newclay.co.uk/
Claydium :
A reinforced air drying modelling clay which dries to a hard finish can be either white or terra-cotta in colour.
Precious Metal Clay:
Whilst probably unsuitable for dolls except for the accessories this is also a fascinating and interesting hobby that could become a business depending on the development of your creative skills. See our special page on this subject PMC .

Polymer clays are plastic compounds that can be moulded stamped or sculpted like clay and when cured or hardened off they can be sanded or drilled and painted.

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