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Latest News on Aimee
14th July 2006
New page added about Fairies World visit to Priscilla Hernandez
13th July 2006
New page added about BBC Radio 4 Fairy Folklore programme
7th July 2006
New pages added to Arts & Crafts section:
Fairy Photography
Fairy Photography essentials
Biography: Margaret Dean
19th April 2006
Needlework and Cross-Stitch - New pages added to Arts & Crafts section
6th March 2006
The Fairy Queen - Send the Queen a Birthday Wish
11th January 2006
Online Games
7th January 2006
New CD of Fairy Songs
7th January 2006
New Spanish Artist Priscilla Hernández (buy her images)
3rd Janaury 2006
New Spanish pages
13th December 2005
Wizards - Tom Cross
14th November 2005
ARTV Awards from USA, Vicki Visconti-Tilley wins Muse Award
1st November 2005
Linda Biggs launches the World of Faery Book in USA 22nd Sept 2005
27th October 2005
Fantasy Art by Gabriella Delfante
4th August
Fairy Godmother Information Added
31st July 2005
New Faeries Gallery Added
29th July 2005
New Gallery - Fashion Fairies
29th July 2005
New Featured Artist Vicki Visconti-Tilley
14th July
New Featured Artist Josephine Wall
6th July 2005
New Featured Artist Suzanne Gyseman
6th July 2005
New Featured Artist Kajsa Flinkfeldt

11th June 2005
New Commission for the Finnish Association of the Deaf

2nd June 2005
New Book by Linda Ravenscroft How To Draw and Paint Fairies

10th May 2005
New Featured Artist Sandrine Gestin
9th May 2005
Artist Linda Biggs TV Appearance
4th May 2005
New Featured Artist Andy Duroe
28th April 2005
New Featured Artist Juri Iida
28th April 2005
New Featured Artist Silvia Lugli
27th April 2005
New Featured Artist Marjolein Gulinski
13th April 2005
New Featured Artist Carrie Hawks
4th April 2005
New Featured Artist Stathis Karabateas
26th March 2005
Myrea Pettit on "About Anglia" TV
7th March 2005
New fairy books added and categories updated
1st March 2005
Fairies World Meeting with Alan Lee Added
20th February 2005
Announcement of New Book with Foreword by Alan Lee Added
20th February 2005
Fairy Books Shops in the UK Added
20th February 2005
Peg Maltby's Fairy Book Added
20th February 2005
Wendy Froud Book Added Added

15th January 2005
Anansi & Sweep Picture Added

20th December 2004
A Modern Fairy Tale Added
26th November 2004
New Artist Feature

26th November 2004
Fairy Gifts Category Added

19th November 2004
Tooth Fairies Added
13th November 2004
Fairy Poems and Poetry Added
12th November 2004
Special Artist Feature - Jessica Galbreth

7th November 2004
Fairy Costumes & Fancy Dress Elf, Pixie and Fairy Costumes and Accessories Added

28th October 2004
Thorntons Chocolates Magical Christmas Chocolate Fairies Added

1st October 2004!!

9th August 2004
Famous Fairies Titania, Oberon and Ariel added

8th August 2004
Famous Fairies Cottingley Fairies Information Added

7th August 2004
Fantasy and Fairy Games Added
27th July 2004
Famous Fairies Puck added
24th May 2004
Famous Fairies Tinkerbell Added
23rd May 2004
Myths and Mythology pages added
15th May 2004
Banners added
6th April 2004
Search Feature Added

5th April 2004
Features on Brian & Wendy Froud added

26th February 2004
Fantasy Art information added

15th February 2004
Fairy Festivals information page added

1st February 2004
New Flower Pictures section added

New Commission completed for Brooks & Bentley

January 2004
David Riche to produce new Watercolour Fairies Book

Creative Art and Artwork section added

Fairy, Mythological and Folklore Names added

December 2003
Book signing in Northampton

October 2003
Fairy Paintings by Ann Mari Sjögren

Myrea and Ann MariMyrea Pettit and David Riché recently visited Sweden to meet the renowned fairy artist and painter Ann Mari Sjögren.

The visit was filmed and featured on Swedish television and in the national press.

Ann Mari is a lady of 85, full of warmth and humour, crystal clear in mind and with lots of stories to tell.

Ann Mari had a natural talent for drawing, quite from early childhood. After school, she started a career as commercial artist, then was employed by a publishing house for a short time; that's how she came into the book business.

Most of her life she has been a freelance, working with books as well as advertising.

"A Day in Fairy Land" was published in many languages in the 1940's and possibly in quite large editions. Information from some old newspaper clippings shows publishers talking about "millions of copies" being printed in the United States, but we understand they may have been more marketing than facts. The royalties the artist received very little of it all, just a payment once for the pictures.

Go to Fairy Paintings for further information on this true fairy tale

April 2003
The Sunflower Fairy was featured along with Myrea Pettit in a recent UK ITV television show "Do You Believe" introduced by Brian Capran and featured on "This Morning" with Fern Britton and Philip Schofield.

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